Just released is this Atlantic/Audio Fidelity Gold CD of Crosby, Stills and Nash’s self-titled debut album. I was fortunate to have been invited to sit in on the mastering session with Steve Hoffman behind the controls at Marsh Mastering in Los Angeles CA a couple of months ago. My article describing that session, the music on this landmark 1969 release and the sound of this latest CD is now on-line at Michael Fremer’s Photos from that day accompany my review. Thanks to all involved. Have a great New Year!

My CS&N review on

(Photographer: Henry Diltz)


It’s an induldgent pastime I suppose. To tear yourself away from the TV and iphone/smartphone and contemplate your life as it actually is. Maybe it’s more appropriate to do as you get older – or maybe not. It don’t come easy as they say…

I try returning phone calls and text messages daily and love having GPS while traveling, but my 4G Droid is not much of an actual phone, more like a mini-computer – a radiating slow one at that. Most of the time I can’t find it (or something to watch on TV). Maybe that’s why I’m thinking about other things today. Continue reading “”



I love Christmas. Why? Because it’s like having a vacation – for me anyway…

At this time of year the phone stops ringing and I can finally catch up on stuff.

Like thanking everybody for visiting my site. Hope this year has been fun for you!

My blog buddies Bob Tilton and John Straub have also been outdoing themselves lately. Check out their latest postings.



(Photographer: Unknown)



My in-depth article on collecting The Beatles White Album has been updated and is now on Michael Fremer’s website.

Released in time for Christmas 1968, it’s appropriate that this seminal album should be revisited at this time.

Michael has added his own experiences to the text, making this a great place to to go before buying your (next) copy.

The White Album on



Forty years ago Led Zeppelin ruled the charts and airwaves with the epic (and overplayed) “Strairway to Heaven”. I still remember when I first heard it. I was a senior in HS and my girlfriend’s best friend was ultra hip. She had somehow got a copy of LZ IV before the stores carried it. One listen and I knew what I’d be playing for my “Creative Poetry” class the following week. Everybody was mesmerized as the LP spun that day. I went King Crab fishing in Alaska six months later and was essentially incommunicado. By the time I returned it was playing every half hour on the radio. Continue reading “”



It’s easy to force photography. You have so much control these days. But in reality, you really don’t have much of any. Life develops at its own rythym and pace. As a location photographer, it’s my job to capture it as it happens. That’s not always easy.

Each subject requires it’s own time to understand, and to reveal itself. That’s why personal projects are so rewarding to me. You have the time to explore a people or location, to begin to understand them. To let things unfold. Continue reading “”

Patrick Long racing at Chuckwalla in vintage Porsche 2.5L 911ST spec race car from Chad P. on Vimeo.


Think you can drive a 911? Well, check out this video.

Chad Plavan is no stranger to the early 911 faithful, and Patrick Long loves to drive Chad’s car. It’s a beautiful blue ’69 ST bodied 2.5L spec racer.

I saw this 911 at Rennsport Reunion IV recently and it’s simply awesome. Patrick is probably the best young Porsche factory race car driver around. Incredible combo.

After watching this video, I want to be Patrick Long when I grow up…

more video



There are several items of “new” music being released this week including Kate Bush’s latest atmospheric album 50 Words For Snow:

NPR live streaming of 50 Words For Snow

On Black Friday there will be several exclusive LPs, EPs and singles by a wide variety of artists made available through select stores linked to Record Store Day:

record store black friday list

Also, don’t forget The Breach Boys’ SMILE is now available on LP or part of a very cool deluxe LP/CD box set. Sounds great!


Photograph: Trevor Leighton



I’ve blogged before about how much I enjoy the central California coast. Having just driven from Bodega Bay to Crescent City along coastal Hwy 1, my love for the northern CA coast has been reignited.

Most of the towns I spent time in were located in Mendocino county: Sea Ranch (great walking trails and vacation rentals), Guallala (killer B-BQ), Point Arena (check out breakfast at the organic cafe next to the dock), Irish Beach (idyllic setting), Albion/River (rent a boat), and Mendocino (kayak or shop away). As for the road to Leggett, I missed my 911. Continue reading “”



Porsche just announced the 2012 GT3 RSR, which is to be raced at the Le Mans 24 Hours, the FIA World Endurance Championship, and the Le Mans Series in Europe and America. The water cooled engine is a 4.0 liter flat six that delivers 460 HP and comes equipped with a mandatory air-restrictor. A six-speed transmission is operated via paddle shifts on the steering wheel. Wheels are wider, new nose and rear panels are blended with flared front and rear wheel arches, and ducts in the rear side sections replace air scoop on the engine hood.

Delivery will begin in January 2012 and prices will start at about $685,000. Start saving now for what may be one of the last racing 911s.

(Photo Courtesy Porsche)


Pink Floyd’s sixth album was their breakthrough record in many ways. Many PF fans believe the end started with the earlier departure of Syd Barrett, but this next line up created some great art rock, including this surreal soundscape. The cover photograph portrayed a close-up of an ear underwater.

This album was the result of the band’s experimentation and no clear direction – and it’s perfect. UK Harvest -1 matrix LPs rule, as do the original Japanese CDs. Sorry, the recent Immersion reissue just doesn’t cut it. Happy 40th anniversary Meddle, and Happy Halloween.

(Cover Photograph : Bob Dowling)



Wow, what a week..

This past week held some of the high points of my life. There were a couple of low points to be sure, but I can’t begin to tell you about it all (because I really can’t tell you..).

It started with Porsche’s Rennsport Reunion IV at Laguna Seca. I had a photography booth in the vendor area that I shared with early 911 parts guru Eric Linden. Thanks, Eric, for being so accommodating while I ran around taking photos like a crazy man. I shot a very cool cover story for Excellence magazine on Saturday morning that I will tell you about later. Continue reading “”