August 1st, 2017


Summer’s here and it’s time for a blistering image that has an interesting back story.

Bonneville Salt Flats is ground zero for land speed records. It’s also a cooker in the summer. The white surface acts like a huge reflector that throws light everywhere. This portrait is one example.

I had set up a flash to camera right and was ready to set my exposure. I fired a test shot, but it was way overexposed at 1/13 of a second.

Yet, when I went to edit the take later, this shot stood out from the rest, even with its slight subject movement. The apocalyptic-like image has gone on to become one of my most well-known images. It led off my 2016 MPG award-winning feature as well. Can’t wait to go back!

Canon 5D Mk III, 16-35 mm f4L IS at 33mm, 1/13 sec, f/14