June 10th, 2018


For June, I’ll have a couple of publications. The first will be in PCA Porsche Panorama Magazine.

It had to be orange, of course. Just like virtually every other real 914/6 GT raced by the Porsche factory Werks department. This tribute GT also had to start as a 914/6 to be eligible for racing today. It needed to be heard before it was seen too. Thanks to straight through pipes and no real muffler to speak of, that’s assured.

After hearing that flat six noise, what you first see is the color, the outline, and the slant of the rear canopy. It’s an elementary shape. Some say it looks more like a BMW than a Porsche. It certainly doesn’t look much like the Karmann Ghia Volkswagen, the car it was meant to replace. In spite of the VW connection, it’s a Porsche all right – a flared 1970 914/6 that’s as close to Porsche’s sports purposes model as you can get.

Check out the latest issue of PCA Panorama Magazine for more.

PCA Panorama Magazine