July 25th, 2018

Posted in Photography Blog by Randy Wells


Ernst Haas was my mentor. He could “see” better than anyone I’ve ever known.

The majority of self-proclaimed “photographers” don’t really know how to see. It’s not their fault. They are constantly being enticed by a better camera or lens to achieve their desire to become a better photographer.

The truth is, beyond 20 MB files, equipment doesn’t matter. You have to photograph consistently for about five years to discover your style and voice. The same is true if are a painter, a writer, or a musician. Once you have that, it’s up to you to be become the best photographer you can be. That means shooting every day and becoming a ruthless editor.

That’s a lot of work. Most applicants for this most difficult of vocations don’t have the time or inclination to do the work that’s necessary to succeed. It takes a tremendous desire and passion in any art form to compile a significant body of work.

For those who have found their true calling. I say don’t give up. If you want to make photography a business, keep your fees high but fair, keep your copyright, and keep it fun.

(Photo of Ernst Haas: Michael Somoroff)