April 5th, 2019

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When I think of my life and the decisions I’ve made, a lot of it has come down to personal responsibility, doing the best I can in all circumstances and being true to myself.

Living in the moment and following your intuition helps. It keeps you aligned with your real potential by not dwelling on the past or what others might think.

Judge less. Grow a conscience, Culture your self-awareness. Above all, be accountable and avoid external validation. Do the opposite of what’s trending, like celebrity, self-absorption and entitlement.

With the right attitude and openness, you can recognize what your heart is telling you moment by moment and see the doors opening in front of you.

Passion and balance don’t really go together. So, once you find your passion, work smart. Pace yourself, stay focused, be consistent, and recognize satisfaction when you achieve it.

Eventually you will arrive at a place where you own it – your authentic place in the world.