July 11th, 2019

Posted in Photography Blog, RF / Leica Blog, Travel Blog by Randy Wells


Awhile ago I was inspired to do a still-life photo shoot of some of the stuff I bought over 25 years ago – amazingly, some of this archaic technology is now considered cool.

The ’58 M3 pictured here is the first Leica rangefinder I purchased in 1979. I had already bought a ’70 Leicaflex SL with a 50mm lens a month before.

Before the fall of 1979, I owned a Canon AE-1, but the photos I made with the Leica lenses showed the difference on Kodachrome 25. Yes, those were the days, not for workflow, but for the tactile experience. I will always be grateful I had a chance to be a part of that golden legacy period over the next 20 years globe-trotting the world and making a good living at it.