October 11th, 2019

Posted in Photography Blog, RF / Leica Blog, Travel Blog by Randy Wells


When I mention the name of this pre-eminant street photographer today, I am often met with blank stares. In our disparate world, that reaction really shouldn’t surprise me. Yet, a part of me says, “How can that be?”

Alex Webb is a Magnum photographer who’s been working in the field of fine art street photography throughout the world for 40+ years, winning grants and numerous awards and producing over a dozen books. That mean his prints sell for $3000 on up.

OK, you might ask, “Who exactly is this guy?”

The short answer is: “If you are a photographer, you should own one of his books.”

After meeting Alex Webb and his wife Rebecca, another wonderful photographer, I took a week-long workshop with them in San Francisco. I thought Alex was a genius before, now I would be convinced of it.

Was I able to create one photograph as good as one of Alex’s “B” images during the week? Only Alex can answer that question for sure. Although I’ll never be as disciplined as this maestro, I think I came close, and that – along with everything else I learned – is all that matters to me.

Thank you Alex and Rebecca!

See their work here: Alex Webb