May 5th, 2020

Posted in Photography Blog, Travel Blog by Randy Wells


This is one of only two medium format cameras that I’ve kept from the film days. The other is a Hasselblad 500C. They both remain relevant for making large prints. Wth the roll film tha’s still available today.

The Fuji G617 is a large yet lightweight photographic machine that produces amazing panoramic images captured at 6cm x 17cm in size. That’s plenty big to print huge murals if you want. All manual, no light meter. Make sure you get the special ND filter.

I used this camera quite a bit back in the ’90s shooting Fujichrome 120 and 220 slide film worldwide for stock. 220 is now discontinued, but you can still get a whopping 4 images out of a single roll of 120 film today.

Good review here.

(Camera photo: James Tocchio)