July 28th, 2020

Posted in Tunes / Vinyl Blog by Randy Wells


I’m referring to the John and Beverley Martyn record from 1970 with a Max Ernst engraving on the cover and engineering by John Wood. The best listen is all analog on an original UK Island LP.

I’ve referenced this record previously on my blog with the song I still consider one of my all time favorites.

Give Us a Ring

I was studying post-impressionism and expressionism in Paris four years after this record was released. That seems like a lifetime ago. Along with Picasso and Miro, I was infatuated with Max Ernst and his art. Even did a term paper on it!

This was the second (and last) album by John and Beverly Martyn on Island records. It’s a really a shame they couldn’t do more together, but nothing lasts forever. The upside is that it introduced Danny Thompson to the band on bass. He stayed with John until the end.