January 12th, 2014

Posted in Photography Blog, Video / Film Blog by Randy Wells


I guess it can be told that I had a walk on part in a film called “The Architect” to be released in 2016. Directed by Jonathan Parker (a very nice man), I played a photographer of all things!

My wife volunteered me for the small non-speaking extra role, and I was somehow chosen. “The Architect” is about a husband and wife who are longing to build their dream home only to have those plans crushed when their architect builds his ideal home instead.

Filming took place in nearby Everett, Washington, so it was an easy one day job for me. Actress Parker Posey, who plays the wife, was there and so was “the architect” played by actor James Frain, a favorite of mine who’s known for roles in Showtime’s “The Tudors,” HBO’s “True Blood,” and most recently, “Grimm” on NBC.

Actor Eric McCormack, who is best known for starring as the title character in the sitcom “Will & Grace” plays the husband but was off set that day. It was fun but a lot of waiting around in the cold!

(Photo of James Frain: Unknown)