December 27th, 2011

Posted in Photography Blog, Travel Blog by Randy Wells


It’s an induldgent pastime I suppose. To tear yourself away from the TV and iphone/smartphone and contemplate your life as it actually is. Maybe it’s more appropriate to do as you get older – or maybe not. It don’t come easy as they say…

I try returning phone calls and text messages daily and love having GPS while traveling, but my 4G Droid is not much of an actual phone, more like a mini-computer – a radiating slow one at that. Most of the time I can’t find it (or something to watch on TV). Maybe that’s why I’m thinking about other things today.

To live an honest life is fraught with confronting personal foibles and defects. In the light of day, everyone has challenges to contend with. Maybe that’s why karma and darmha exist. I’m not belittling those concepts – just trying to figure them out.

Life’s a journey filled with tears and joy – and everything in between. Traveling the depths of emotion is a gift. And at this time of year, without consulting my TV or phone, I can finally slow down and experience part of that. And maybe figure out some stuff out for myself along the way (double grand trine and all). Hope you can too.