George Harrison was born in Liverpool, England on this day in 1943 and passed away nearly ten years ago. His late ’70’s music video titled “Faster” was dedicated to the memory of Formula One racing driver Ronnie Peterson and includes a cameo appearance by British F1 champion Jackie Stewart.

Inspirational and reflective, George had a deep interest in travel, photography, film making, motorsports, and of course music. As The Beatles lead guitarist, his riffs and songwriting are legendary. He owned a vintage Porsche 911, Mini Cooper, Dino 246, Aston Martin DB5 and was one of the first to purchase a McLaren F1 road car. He was also an avid gardener and introduced many to Eastern thought and music. Continue reading “”


Here’s the best instructional video I’ve seen on how to drive the Nürburgring’s north loop or Nordschleife. Watch how Porsche works driver Sascha Maassen gives a guided tour for one lap around this legendary track.

Chasing a gaggle of a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Cars in his own matching race car, Sascha provides insightful commentary and shows how “The Green Hell” got its name. With 73 corners undulating over nearly 13 miles, it’s easy to see why this is considered the toughest, most dangerous and demanding circuit in the world.

Located between Cologne and Frankfurt, the Nordschleife is accessible to the public as a one-way toll road. There are no intersections and there’s no general speed limit. I drove it in an Audi rental car, and even that was an unforgettable experience.

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Ferdinand (“Ferry”) Anton Ernst Porsche was the only son of the founder of Porsche motorcars, Ferdinand Porsche, who passed away 50 years ago this month. Ferry’s son, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (nicknamed “Butzi”), is the designer of the first Porsche 911 and celebrated his 75th birthday last month…

Ferry Porsche was philosophical when expressing his vision of the Porsche sports car. As seen in this video, he was eloquent but fiercely independent. It’s interesting to compare his views with the present day world and Porsche’s part in it. Ferry died in March of 1998. I hope you enjoy this ten minute video compilation of his ideas and legacy (deleted by owner). Continue reading “”



Recently I was asked to contribute a chapter to a limited edition “art-house” book celebrating early Porsche air-cooled culture. It will be independently published without compromises and is to be titled WERK CREW : DEPARTURE.

The author/editor/designer/publisher is one Bob Tilton, a very gifted artist who has spent the last year preparing materials from a bevy of talented writers, photographers, and craftsmen. Bob notes, “They share one thing in common: they are all early Porsche owners and true enthusiasts.” As Thanksgiving approaches, I extend my profound thanks to Bob for devoting so much time and thought to this very personal project. It’s going to be a killer book, and his blog site reflects the care Bob brings to everything he does: Continue reading “”

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Randy Wells has the good fortune to photograph, write about, and film cars and transportation for the best manufacturers, advertising agencies, collectors, auction houses, and magazines full-time. His work has appeared more than 20,000 times worldwide, including magazines like National Geographic.



The November 2010 issue of Excellence is hitting the newsstands and features a fascinating test drive with Porsche factory driver Patrick Long, Jeff Zwart’s stunning win at Pikes Peak (see my July 26th blog entry), and three articles of my photography, two with my text: Mike Gagen’s ’74 look Porsche RSR (above), Tony Samojen’s first production 914-6, and the Targa California. Congratulations to all for a fantastic issue of one of the best newstand sports car magazine’s around. Continue reading “”



To help raise money for Roger Grago (see my previous blog entry), I have donated an automotive photo shoot to the winner of an auction being held on the Early 911S Registry website.

To bid, simply register at and post your name and amount. This auction will end at 9:00am Pacific Time on Tuesday, September 21st. Thanks to all for your support of Roger. Continue reading “”




The October 2010 issue of Excellence magazine features my text and photos on two early 911s: Rich Lambert’s white ’66 (above) and Ray McEvoy’s red real ’73 RS. These are both stunning machines. If you are a hot rod or Porsche fan, you can check them out here: Continue reading “”


Asserting that super cars will still be around in the future despite rampant restrictions, Porsche developed a cost no-object hybrid concept car. It was unveiled in Monterey last week. Here’s one example of meeting automotive regulation and still succeeding in creating a high performance vehicle (even if it’s only a V-8). Kudos to Porsche for not going quietly. Think Steve McQueen in the 21st century. Continue reading “”


There are very few wheel men in the business who are as experienced with Porsche Fuchs as Harvey Weidman of Oroville California. His knowledge is encyclopedic, and he is as down to earth as anyone I know. I recently had the opportunity to visit his shop twice and was very impressed with the care and service he provides to his customers. From repairs to refinishing, to even remanufacturing rare wheels, Harvey can do it all. Continue reading “”