With snow blanketing much of the eastern US and midwest, and rain pummeling the west, Americans are thinking about escaping to a warmer climate. Out of all my favorite tropical destinations: Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, the South Pacific and Australia, none could be dearer to my heart than Oz (well, maybe Tahiti and New Zealand are closer in certain ways).

Yeah, mate, that continent down under offers more culture, activities and sightseeing opportunities than any other. It also has some of the prettiest cities in the world and miles of isolated beaches. Not to mention fantastic seafood. Our winter is their summer too, so you are guaranteed good weather. Despite current flooding conditions in parts of central Queensland, most major roads and tourism destinations are accessible and open to visitors along the coast. Continue reading “”



On this day in 1968, Jimi Hendrix began recording Bob Dylan’s song “All Along the Watchtower.” It eventually appeared on his album Electric Ladyland in the fall of that year. Dylan had released his original understated version on the 1967 album John Wesley Harding, following his motorcycle accident in the summer of ’66. Continue reading “”


Ferdinand (“Ferry”) Anton Ernst Porsche was the only son of the founder of Porsche motorcars, Ferdinand Porsche, who passed away 50 years ago this month. Ferry’s son, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (nicknamed “Butzi”), is the designer of the first Porsche 911 and celebrated his 75th birthday last month…

Ferry Porsche was philosophical when expressing his vision of the Porsche sports car. As seen in this video, he was eloquent but fiercely independent. It’s interesting to compare his views with the present day world and Porsche’s part in it. Ferry died in March of 1998. I hope you enjoy this ten minute video compilation of his ideas and legacy (deleted by owner). Continue reading “”



If you are a follower of my site, you have probably read about my lifelong fascination with records (yeah, those old 7″ and 12″ LPs). When the “vinyl revival” started picking up momentum about five years ago, I watched with interest as a multitude of new pressings and turntables (not to mention new cartridges and phonostages) began appearing on the scene. Made me glad I didn’t sell off my record collection in the late 80’s when CDs were king.

Now it’s downloads (and vinyl records) that have captured the imagination of the young and old alike. The ubiquitous CD is still being released as a physical format, but I wonder for how much longer. For those eager to try (or return to) larger art and a higher resolution warmer sound, playing records has never been easier. Continue reading “”



Dennis Wilson, The Beach Boys drummer, produced his one and only solo album 33 years ago. This record resonated with gravelly melancholic vocals and soulful music of lost love and a hopeful future. As might be expected, the depth of emotion contained within the grooves won over a cult following. Continue reading “”


I’ve wanted to give a shout out to my photographic printer for a long time. This holiday season seems to be the perfect time to do it.

Tyler Boley of Custom Digital in Seattle has earned a reputation as one of the best printers of photographic fine art in the Pacific Northwest. Tyler provides the highest quality drum scanning, ultrachrome, color and black & white ink carbon pigment digital printing. He uses the latest printers with an advanced RIP giving extremely precise control over how the inks go to paper. His prints have an “aliveness” that is truly amazing. Continue reading “”



It was 30 years ago today that John Lennon was senselessly murdered. He was 40 years old.

Many people remember where they were when they first heard the news. Like when JFK was shot in 1963, or when the second plane hit the World Trade Center building. These attacks to all common decency changed history forever and stand out in our minds.

Coincidentally, it was 50 years ago that John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Pete Best first met with Brian Epstein. Epstein wanted 25% of their gross fees each week to manage them. He promised that they would never again play for less than £15, except for Cavern lunchtime sessions. Lennon, as leader of The Beatles, accepted on their behalf. Continue reading “”



Just returned from a photo shoot/vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with my wife and a Leica rangefinder. What a great place to relax and escape the cold of winter. Situated on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, it’s within easy reach of the Western US and accessible via most major airlines. Sandy beaches, low humidity and sunny skies virtually all year round means this is a dependable Mexican destination. If you are into sport fishing, golf or scuba diving – it’s a best bet tropical location. Continue reading “”



Tomorrow, your local indie record store may just be the place to hang out. That’s because independent music stores across the country will be providing some very exclusive audio for sale on “Black Friday.” Some of these items are limited and are sure to sell out quickly. George Harrison album All Things Must Pass has reportedly been re-mastered from the original analog tapes and will be available in a numbered limited edition 3 LP collection commemorating the album’s 40th Anniversary. It’s also available as a high-res download and is sure to sound better than the last digital mastering. Continue reading “”



Recently I was asked to contribute a chapter to a limited edition “art-house” book celebrating early Porsche air-cooled culture. It will be independently published without compromises and is to be titled WERK CREW : DEPARTURE.

The author/editor/designer/publisher is one Bob Tilton, a very gifted artist who has spent the last year preparing materials from a bevy of talented writers, photographers, and craftsmen. Bob notes, “They share one thing in common: they are all early Porsche owners and true enthusiasts.” As Thanksgiving approaches, I extend my profound thanks to Bob for devoting so much time and thought to this very personal project. It’s going to be a killer book, and his blog site reflects the care Bob brings to everything he does: Continue reading “”



Photography is much more than aiming a camera and pushing a button. It’s more than thoughtful composition or lighting a subject. Truly being in the moment of any artistic endeavor requires a commitment to yourself and your vision – not simply focusing on some wishfull payoff down the line.

Here are just a few ways to nurture the poetic element in your photography. The first thing I’ve found useful is to slow down and play in the moment. This means loving what you do. If waking up early to get the right light or having to stay up late editing your work becomes a job rather than a passion, then it will be hard to be effective in practicing your craft. You must feel driven to do it, because if you shoot or edit without enthusiasm it will show. The key here is to continue to do what you want, and be open to change. Continue reading “”

Randy Wells – Best Car Photo / Video – Seattle / LA

Randy Wells, Seattle, Santa Barbara, Car, Photographer, Best Automotive, Photography by Randy Wells


Randy Wells provides 65 galleries featuring thousands of images available for prints and licensing at the link above. He has the good fortune to photograph, write about, dand film cars and transportation for the best manufacturers, advertising agencies, collectors, auction houses, and magazines full-time. His work has appeared more than 20,000 times worldwide, including magazines like National Geographic. All his work is personally handcrafted.




In 1960 racial tension was building in the South as desegregation of the school systems was being hotly contested in places like New Orleans. There, a very young African American student named Ruby Bridges was heckled daily for being the first to cross the line between black and white schools. 50 years ago today she made those first brave steps protected by a team of federal marshals. John Steinbeck was present and documented the scene in his travelogue, Travels with Charley in Search of America. Just a handful of white parents decided to keep their children in the same school early on, but the number of supporters grew and and the protests slowly began to fade. Continue reading “”