Our automotive photo studio is completely portable, 30×30 feet, and one of the best for stills and video.

With Randy’s vast location experience, the perfect location is always available:

Randy has the unique privilege of photographing the best cars for the world’s top collectors and auction houses, as well as the everyday man. For those wishing to sell their car privately, Randy offers his services of compelling photos, video, and copy. Your cherished motorcar will be captured from all angles inside and out.

Whether you are building an ad, creating a sales brochure, producing a website, completing a book, making a film, or selling a car, Randy’s top-shelf team has the experience and capabilities to execute your goals.

Your car has the best chance of selling for top dollar if it is photographed in a certain way. See your car or collection captured exquisitely, so it comes alive with a glow and feeling that will inspire any buyer to consider purchase. We can also produce and design the perfect marketing video with our skilled team. See our award-winning Hot Rod Films for more.

There are several layers of pricing and content available from Wells Imagery. For every job we have two people on hand to capture every angle and moment. We use the latest Canon EOS Mirrorless R5 and R5 C for perfect stabilization, 8K video, and 30 MP still image capture on the go. DJI Ronin Gyrostabilizers with the top mics ensure smooth and clear video content. Our camera car is a Porsche Cayenne SUV fully equipped for stills and motion. A traveling photo studio is also available for car collections.

As an option, professional drone aerials and car-to-car images can add that special touch. Based in the U.S. cities of Seattle and Santa Barbara, our one-stop services are available worldwide.
One email or phone call is all it takes to put you in touch with an instant price quote.

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For custom automotive photography, video and writing, please contact Randy’s studio for one-stop marketing of your car.

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