Thank you to the one who introduced me to the album Living and Dying in 3/4 Time.

It saw me through 15 years of living the life of a tropical travel stock photographer – a kind of unknown Jimmy Buffett in transit. I did very well, being paid obscene amounts of money as a citizen of the world from the mid ’80’s until 2001. I only had to have one carcinoma removed.

The usages of my photos were mostly commercial, so I was never credited. That worked out just fine for me, because I never wanted to be famous. I ended up traveling to every continent and over 40 countries with over 20,000 publications worldwide. Continue reading “”


Along with Bill Evans and Miles Davis, he’s my favorite jazz player. Imagine these three playing together: sax, piano and trumpet. Maybe Paul Chambers on bass and Billy Cobb on drums…

The Notes from a Jazz Survivor documentary film about Art Pepper is not for the those who don’t want to know about the trials and tribulations all three men went through. The Blues for the Fisherman album is an Art Pepper live masterwork that few know about. If you like West Coast Jazz, check them out.

(Photographer: Unknown)

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Fuel injected cars can get by on today’s fuel, but classic cars using carburetors get gummed up by all the additives. Carbs need to be rebuilt periodically if not treated carefully. Just ask Rolly!

Porsche is now making sure we have gas for our carbureted cars. The famous German car manufacturer has begun procurement of a synthetic fuel specifically designed for 356s and SWB 911s!

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Roxy Music’s 5th release Siren is arguably their best albums and could be considered one of the best glam rock albums ever, if only for the hits “Love Is The Drug”, “Both Ends Burning” and “Just Another High”.

Perhaps their finest hour, consistent and thematic, and released almost 45 years ago. All said, Siren has aged very well. Their last album Avalon comes close, although it belongs to an entirely more mainstream family. Continue reading “”