The Summer 2021 issue of 000 Magazine tells a story about the “Surface” material used on the 1968 “Buffalo Hide” Porsche 911S. My images illustrate the unique treatment used on the interior of this special Euro model. Yes, it’s esoteric and a deep dive. And that’s just what 000 wants. Continue reading as you can…

000 Magazine


The super rare Porsche color of Moonstone (light Lilac) appears in PCA’s Panorama Magazine for the first time with a feature using my photos and text in the July issue.

A 924 and 911 in the obtuse shade of Moonstone is a special treat to see (only a dozen were made in 1979-1980). I’ll probably never see another Porsche in this color again. Thanks to Justin Roeser for the opportunity to shoot his two cars together.


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Congrats to PNW Ferrari club member William Howard for his feature in the latest Forza Magazine.

1000,000 miles in a Ferrari 458 that’s only eight years old means you drive it every day! Check out my photos and text of him and his car in Forza on the newsstand today.

If I wasn’t previously booked, I’d attend the annual Ferrari Club USA meet in Oregon next month here.


Yes, I launched my DJI Phantom 4 V.2 drone from a moving camera boat and landed it on the same boat at a different location.

“Let’s get real. Serious fishermen like Tom Aliotti, owner of Aliotti Enterprises, know it’s not just about catching fish.

It’s about killer power and performance combining for that epic showdown on the water.

So get ready, because Tom’s ‘Killer’ salmon slayer powered by MSHS and FPT Industrial is coming to Bristol Bay, Alaska!”

-Justin Roeser of Roeser Engineering and Motor Services Hugo Stamp

Continue reading “”


After visiting Death Valley National Park a couple of years ago for the first time in decades, I found my familiar space of solitude shattered forever.

At one time, it was an environment where I could reliably go and find solace. Maybe a couple of photographers would climb the sand dunes at dawn to be alone in nature, listening to the wind as the sun rose.

There were no parking lots next to the sand dunes back then. Now there’s a big one full of SUVs and Sprinter vans before the sun rises. Continue reading “”


Yes, this is what I look like today. I’m still intense and confident.

The harder the assignment is, the more intense and confident I become. That’s based on my decades of preparation with previous gigs involving serious research, risk, and preparation. Otherwise, I’d be scared to death (like most photographers should be today when faced with something they’ve never done before). Continue reading “”


That’s how the front line describes the current Covid situation here in Washington state, where many still wear masks indoors for safety.

That’s good news considering how the USA was impacted by this horrible virus. Still, after traveling to Florida, where masks are rarely worn, I’m glad to be back home, although I really wish I were in Cabo on the beach.