March 21st, 2018

Posted in Photography Blog, RF / Leica Blog by Randy Wells


Here’s why I think the 28mm is the best storytelling lens. It’s wide. But, if you have previously mastered the 17 or 21mm focal length, it’s perfect. Plus the 28mm is extremely cinematic. It’s the same effective focal length as a smartphone. Except, depending on your camera body, it is even smarter. It has multiple more megapixels to record all that information.

The fact that you can’t Bokeh your way out of any situation is a good thing. The 135 f2 lens shot wide open is a crutch. Sorry, it just is. The effect looks cool, until that’s all you can do. Pull off the training wheels and hit the road.

Be aware that the 28mm lens can distort for portraiture, unless you are using a Leica Q, which mostly corrects for this. So, get close but keep the camera level. Work the frame. Watch the edges. Keep it graphically interesting and find a balance. See if you can weave more than one layer into your composition. And most importantly, have fun with wide angles!

(Photo: My new Bridgestone tires)

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