Word is Porsche and Audi are planning to join Formula 1 in 2026. Working in F1 as powertrain suppliers, Porsche is considering working in conjunction with Red Bull Racing, and Audi could be supplying McLaren. It’s all dependent on how parent company Volkswagen decides to allocate development costs across its racing teams. The last time Porsche was in F1 was with the MP4/2C TAG engine in a McLaren during the ’80s.

(Photographer: Unknown)

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Renée Brinkerhoff with her heavily modified Porsche 356 and Valkyrie Racing team in Antarctica grace the cover of this month’s 356 Registry Magazine. Inside you’ll find an in-person interview I was fortunate to make with Renée at her Colorado Ranch right before the trip. Included are my images of her ’57 “street” coupe that she trains with when not competing in her ’56 rally car. Check it out!

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There’s a preconception that it’s too expensive to hire someone like ourselves to create professional photos and video for your on-line car auction. The reality is there are several layers of pricing and content available from Wells Imagery.

Your car has always had the best chance of selling for top dollar if it is photographed in a certain way. To meet this goal, we have perfected that approach and provided clients with complete feature photo shoots for over 250 cars.

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One of the greatest Porsche drivers in history passed away today.

He was also one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. He always took my questions without complaint, and was as humble as humanely possible considering all his accomplishments in motor racing.

Fans will always remember Vic’s rally victories at Monte Carlo in a 911 and his brave win in a Porsche 907 at the Targa Florio in 1968, where he came from far behind in the last laps to pass the lead Ferrari.

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What you are looking at is not my main website. This is my blog.

Fun, sometimes serious, it’s a weekly journal that I do more for my sanity than anything else, but I’m happy if you find joy in it.

Some visitors to this blog are unaware of my main site where you can find thousands of images. Every so often I change the home page image there. I’m especially pleased with the current photo I made of reflections in a window at a So Cal air-cooled Porsche gathering. It changes regularly. Enjoy.


Randy Wells


I wrote this to a talented professional automotive photographer struggling in today’s world:

“Don’t be bothered by some of the stuff you see happening from those trying to make a living as a car photographer today. For the most part, they either have financial backing or cannot see the effects of the low fees they accept for their work.”

“Understand that most will never achieve what we were lucky enough to experience in the past. What we did then (and still manage to do today when the client has a budget) is considered a glamour profession. And it can actually feel that way when you are shooting, being treated fairly, and see your work published. Continue reading “”


“What?” you ask. “Only 3,000 followers? Don’t you think you should have more than that after posting regularly on Instagram for three years? Especially after you won a national award for your efforts?”

Well, Andrea and I don’t believe in buying followers. If we bought them we could easily have 10X this amount. However, they would not be real followers. The number of likes we’d receive per post on IG wouldn’t change all that much after all the money spent.


What we do have is a great appreciation for the authenticity and loyalty of those who do follow us. You are the ones who view our curated site on a consistent basis. We are proud to say that over 1/3 of our followers regularly like our stuff. That’s huge! We have even received over 60,000 views and 5,000 likes on a few of our single posts, because others have graciously hubbed that image on their IG sites. Thank you to everyone for your support! Continue reading “”


Singer has done it again. Here’s a first glimpse at their new car inspired by the original Porsche 930. It’s a 450-plus-horsepower, carbon-fiber-bodied redefinition of an ’80s classic that can be specced with all sorts of refinements, including AWD.

Power comes from a modified a 3.8L block based on a Hans Mezger-designed air-cooled flat-six. Twin turbochargers with electronically actuated waste gates and bespoke air-to-water intercoolers mounted inside the intake manifolds provide the forced cool air necessary to achieve this kind of power.

(Image courtesy Singer Vehicle Design)


Everything worth doing takes time. Commitment and intention are everything. Otherwise, projects end up half-baked, or worse yet, contain inaccurate information when they were thought to be “finished”.

Our title says it all. Remember the big picture. “You’re only as good as your last job” is something else to keep in mind, no matter how far up the tree you climb. Another is, “The higher you climb, the harder the wind blows.”

Stay calm and focused on your goals, and try to ignore the noise that passes for excellence. It just ends up competing with your attention for what really matters.

Transform your thinking


OK, here’s the last in my arbitrary list of 5 traditional photographic rules meant to broken on the 21st day of the 12th month of the 21st year of the 21st century:

“Don’t Place The Horizon In The Middle Of The Frame”.

Another version of this is, “Never put your subject in the middle of the frame”. That’s another compositional rule to break, unless you’re shooting for a full-bleed double page spread!

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