I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to live a life that has allowed me to pursue my passion. Photography, words and music are an integral part of my core being. Reinventing myself within these disciplines as my life unfolds is where I am today. No doubt, times like these are challenging and they will probably continue to be so. However, I feel it’s very important that we identify those paths that will work best for each of us in the coming years ahead. Honoring the process that defines our lives is integral to our future success.

In my opinion, this is the most exciting time ever to be a creative artist (and I’m speaking from the perspective of a traditional rights-managed stock photographer of 25 years). Recently emerging technologies have made new tools available that will allow expression with a newfound clarity and impact that was not possible before (sorry, 140 character tweets are not among these). These same technologies may also allow us to retain value in our work even under the pressures of an increasingly competitive marketplace. Many artists today are balanced on the edge of a precipice, and jumping into the unknown is always the hardest thing to do. Yet I believe it is possible to continue on the life path that we have chosen for ourselves with a leap of faith. It will take courage and confidence, but my hope is that remaining a full time visual provider in the future is not only economically viable but a social necessity. Godspeed,

Randy Wells

(Photo of Andrea Wells in Canyon de Chelly)