Backed by Lee Sklar on bass, Russ Kunkle and Butch Trucks on drums, Michael Utley on keyboards, Chris Hillman on mandolin, and influenced by Sly Stone and Brian Wilson… well you get the picture. No Other was the fourth solo studio album by ex-Byrds Gene Clark, now widely regarded as a lost masterpiece of ’70’s folk rock.

Although it was largely dismissed upon its release as having too little songs and being overly indulgent due to its advanced production, many critics now recognize its true standing. David Geffen of Asylum Records showed little interest in supporting the release due to its experimental nature, and the record became a commercial failure when it was released in late 1974. Now a sought after collectble, the LP is a sublime listen. It’s the one I put on when I need some soul soothing.

(Cover Art: Ea)