Thank you to the one who introduced me to the album Living and Dying in 3/4 Time.

It saw me through 15 years of living the life of a tropical travel stock photographer – a kind of unknown Jimmy Buffett in transit. I did very well, being paid obscene amounts of money as a citizen of the world from the mid ’80’s until 2001. I only had to have one carcinoma removed.

The usages of my photos were mostly commercial, so I was never credited. That worked out just fine for me, because I never wanted to be famous. I ended up traveling to every continent and over 40 countries with over 20,000 publications worldwide.

Unfortunately, that photography job doesn’t exist anymore, unless you’ve decided to pay for becoming a rock star on Instagram and only do photo-illustrations.

Now, being famous with lots of followers is where it’s at. That’s not me. I’m as good as is possible, and there are enough people out there that recognize that. Still, I wouldn’t trade those decades for anything. My wife and I have no debt, no mortgage, no kids, and are set for life.

Reportedly, Buffett wrote the song to his wife while he was on tour. At a live performance in 1974, Buffett mentioned that he had composed the song while heading out of California the previous year. The same thing happened to me 10 years later.