On May 22, National Road Trip Day, I decided to drive around the neighborhood, picking up some groceries and the mail. I also added a hundred new road trip images to the website, once i got home – while praying for better days ahead.

Hopefully, this pandemic is peaking and will begin to pass. Still, it has made existing problems all the more apparent. The incompetence and sheer selfishness exhibited by many has made the nation that our veterans sacrificed their lives for look pathetic. On the flip side, what happens next could serve as a once-in-a-multi-generational chance to build a better future.

Here’s something I wrote several years ago. “All change is difficult but necessary for growth. If the conflict between greed and hope in America is to be resolved, it will require serious choices. I hope we can overcome our passivity and reluctance to change and collectively find our competent and caring true selves before too many layers of deadening materialism make it impossible to do so.”

-Randy Wells

Here’s more:

“A little love and affection in everything to do. Will make the world a better place. With or without you.”

-Neil Young