Just home from two weeks away on a very rewarding trip. I want to thank all the people involved with making my exhibit and film at the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas a success: Colleen Bailey, Deborah Silguero, Paul Van de Carr, Thom and Gail Steinbeck, Susan Shillinglaw, McIntosh & Otis, Tony Straka, James Johnston, Kurt Henze, and last but not least my wife, Andrea Wells. Thanks also to Curtis Autenreith and Chuck Miller for their support.

My next step is setting up another photo exhibit for next year and working with my agent to secure a book deal. Then it’s off to clear rights and set up the necessary PR.

In the meantime you will see that I have added a link to my photography store of products and an archive of stock images where you can order prints, license images and keep informed of my book’s progress. Lots of work ahead, and lots of work behind.

Steinbeck’s America: Rediscovering Travels with Charley – Exhibit and Film by Randy Wells
August 6th – December 31st, 2010 steinbeck’s-america