Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my story.

No Photoshop for this post, just a fog machine at dawn.

From Mr. Nelson, my grade school teacher in Cordova, Alaska in the ’60s to Dr. Nelson my physics professor at UPS college in Tacoma, Washington in the ’70s.

Of course there were more, like my philosophy and writing professors, and of course my parents who did the best they could.

My good friends, David King, Arthur Meyerson, Robin Rickabaugh, and James Opie followed and were major influences during the ’80s. Ernst Haas and Sam Abell further shaped my photography career. My wife, Andrea, has been my constant guiding star ever since.

I feel very lucky to have experienced the years 1960-2000 in the USA. Since then, the years have not proven to be so rewarding, but I have found my way through.

A sincere thank you to all, and my best wishes for the youth who are left to carry on.