Today is the 50th anniversary of the recording of John Coltrane’s famous jazz rendition of “My Favorite Things” on the album of the same name. It Coltrane’s first session on Atlantic Records. This album clearly marks the epic saxophone player’s change from bebop to modal jazz (with hints of free jazz to come), following his contribution to Miles Davis’ landmark album Kind of Blue.

In the documentary The World According to John Coltrane, narrator Ed Wheeler remarks: “In 1960, Coltrane left Miles Davis and formed his own quartet to further explore modal playing, freer directions, and a growing Indian influence. They transformed “My Favorite Things”, the cheerful populist song from The Sound of Music into a hypnotic eastern dervish dance. The recording was a hit and became Coltrane’s most requested tune—and a bridge to broad public acceptance.”

If you can find an original red/magenta labeled mono Atlantic US LP you are good to go. Probably my favorite Coltrane album.

(Photographer: Lee Friedlander)