The Porsche 916 is a rare beast. Only a dozen were built in the early ’70s. Based on a 914-6, a test mule for the 916 (pictured above) was recently featured in PCA’s Panorama Magazine using Peter Linsky’s article and my photos made in Florida earlier this year. Here’s a part of my sidebar that explains this car and the 916:

“As a primer, the factory first built wider flared 914s as 1970-1971 MY 914/6 GTs. They have bolted on fiberglass roofs, fiberglass lids, 2.0L 911S motors, and chassis numbers in the 914/6 MY range. The prototype 914/6 GT chassis number is 9140430019. The next GT made was #9140430705.

Our feature car is an early 1970 MY 914/6, chassis #9140430376. It was modified for greater strength and performance after a bad test crash in March 1970. Porsche decided they couldn’t sell it, so they made it better. They gave it a welded-in steel roof, a specially modified suspension, and a 2.2L 911S engine (now a 2.4L S). Lids and doors remained steel. The GT flares it wears now were added sometime prior to 1974.”

Panorama Magazine