&SONS Pioneer Stories – Frank Cassidy


If you are in England, be sure and check out Megaphonics 22 on Sunday, 29 May, when Boxengasse’s annual air-cooled Porsche event returns for it’s 4th installment.

Here are some quotes from its founder, Frank Cassidy, a man after my own heart – Classic Porsche, Leica and 60’s music.

“Like everyone I draw inspiration from everything around me. What’s around me is 60/70s rock, mid century design, photography, historic branding. My strongest belief is authenticity, everything I do, I believe in. So my creative process starts and ends with the things I love.

Be early, always do as you say, pay your bills the moment you get them, never keep people waiting, never stop pushing. Everyone is busy and we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

‘You’re a slave of your words and a master of your silences.’ Take your time, choose your words carefully. They seem like very simple work values and that’s because they are. But it always amazes me how few people apply them.”

-Frank Cassidy