This could be the most important photograph made during this country’s current generation. It will become an iconic reminder of the 2010-2020s.

An earlier generation, born in the 1950s have more to remember. We are those who lived through more change than any other generation. From JFK to Nixon to Trump, we have seen every dimension of life. We had an analog childhood, a cold war adolecence, and a digital adulthood. Unfortunately, some of us chose fear over love and greed over gratitude. Some remained ego-driven toddlers, some decided they didn’t need to change, and others felt they were entitled. Those that did not make those choices, could be described as the “exennial” generation. We adapted by understanding what can drive human behavior in all its variants. We’ve actually seen it all and chosen a different path. Of course, we never thought we would be seeing anything like what we have witnessed during the last five years. A few of us have even learned to identify narcissistic sociopaths and control freaks, so we can run the other way!

It is our generation that has come to understand it is necessary to change and adapt, or be relegated to being irrelevant.

(Photo: Fulton County, GA Sheriff’s Office)