Porsche set its all-time sales record for cars and SUVs in 2012. Half of these purchases were made in the USA. Many took place in the traditional hot bed of California. 2013 will bring aboard the new Carrera 4 and 4S, and a smaller version of the Panamera is being planned for 2017.

An upsurge of demand for the new 911 Carrera (Type 991) introduced mid-year helped. This iconic “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday” model has been lagging behind Cayenne SUV and Panamera 5-door sales for some time now. In fact it just recently surpassed the Panamera in monthly units sold. The newly redesigned Boxster/Cayman probably didn’t hurt overall commissions either.

Their biggest selling model remains the SUV. Imagine if Porsche had introduced it two years earlier… They might still be the world’s only independent sports car manufacturer. Or would they?