At this time 50 years ago, plans were well underway at Porsche to build a replacement for the 356 sports car. The Porsche family, Helmuth Bott, and Hans Mezger were plenty busy in Stuttgart as decisions were being made as to the car’s shape, engine and suspension.

During the summer of 1963, test mules built on modified 356 chassis were used to determine final details. On September 12, 1963 the first complete example of the new model was displayed at the 41st International Automobile Show in Frankfurt.

More on the 50th anniversary of the 911 is coming to my blog over the next year. And just so folks don’t think I’m a total fan boy, here’s another viewpoint on the 911 and it’s current role in the Porsche line-up.

(Image of Butzi Porsche courtesy Porsche AG)