Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard is currently filming “Rush”. His movie will portray the dramatic Formula 1 motor racing duel between the intense Austrian Niki Lauda and playboy British driver James Hunt. Based on the turbulent 1976 Driver’s Championship, it chronicles Lauda’s heroic comeback from a near fatal crash earlier in the year and the critical season finale win by Hunt in torrential rain at Fuji. Chris Hemsworth stars as Hunt and Daniel Bruhl is Lauda. The film is expected to premiere in 2013.

Peter Morgan’s script about this iconic racing rivalry (Lauda vs. Hunt and Ferrari vs. McLaren) inspired Howard to dive into a sport he is rapidly becoming an expert on: “These are fascinating characters– ballsy, masculine guys. It was a very dangerous era in racing, and here are two absolute individuals at the height of their powers. It makes for great drama and very exciting action. I wasn’t a die-hard Formula 1 fan before I read Peter’s script, but I’ve been immersing myself in this world. I think the excitement I feel as a fresh convert may be infectious.”

Hunt and Harrison:

(Photographers: Unknown)