The current issue of Excellence, the premier US magazine about Porsche, features an article and photos of mine on a 1958 550A Spyder assembled with loving care by owner Steve Terrien and several other builders. Fortunately the original frame of Porsche 550A-0141, along with several other key parts, were in great shape to begin with.

There is an ongoing debate underway about how much of an original car needs to exist before its resurrection is condsidered a “restoration” v.s. a “recreation”. The threshold of where this line exists (somewhere between a VIN and a complete surviving car) is subjective and hard to pin down. When dealing with a Porsche built for racing only, where the tub or chassis is considered a wear item or usable part, the line becomes even blurrier…

Steve is to be congratulated for taking a hands-on approach in restoring this very rare historic Porsche race car. Only 37 550As were produced between 1956 and 1958. This one won the Austrian Hill Climb Championship in 1958 with Ernst Vogel driving. Steve’s persistence in bringing this example back to life, with inspiration from his father Eugene, represents everything that is right with this hobby.

Excellence Magazine