Just back from a road trip that will generate more photo stories for me in less time than any other. I traveled from Seattle to Salt Lake City and back again in my modified 1972 911 T/ST, about half of it on back roads.

The Porsche Club of America held its annual Porsche Parade event in SLC – a land of religious freedom and ultimate land speeds (some of it in in record-breaking heat). 110 degrees Fahrenheit is fine if you are sitting in your air-conditioned car. Unfortunately, I did not have that luxury. And neither did Jeff Barstow, my co-driver, when it came to laying down some fast runs at PCA national level autocross competition.

We ultimately claimed first place in the top class of MO5 and third fastest time overall. Barstow is in my opinion the best Solo 2 co-driver any car owner could ever want to have. Always smiling, always optimistic, and the perfect gentleman – he is the consummate foil to my sometimes overly realistic and practical persona. He is also a really fast driver.

At either end of my trip I did track days at The Ridge in WA and Miller in UT. Thanks also to Steve Downing, Leeds Gulick, Chris Pomares, and Les Long for making everything run smoothly. I had a blast.

(Photo of Randy and his 911 in Salt Lake City by John Straub)