I feel vey fortunate to have grown up in an isolated fishing village in Alaska.

Everything was possible. My imagination was set free. Telling my story took a bit longer.

The film The Grand Seduction perhaps explains it best in the opening sequence: “When I was a boy, (my town) was a proud fishing harbor. Back then people were strong, dignified, brave. Their days were filled with purpose. By no means was this life for the faint of heart, the weak, or the lazy. As I look back now, I can truly say, life was a thing of beauty.”

As a consequence, my visual storytelling as a career has always been simple and direct. For me, the story and the imagery are everything. Nothing extraneous should be present. My heroes are the cinematographers Conrad Hall, Sr. and Roger Deacon. Of course, some films today call for a more dramatic Quentin Quarantino or Michael Mann approach.

Besides photography and film, my other major influence has been music. I have been a record collector for over 40 years.When I moved to the “Lower 48”, I was introduced to many artists. Eventually that included Jackson Browne. Until I listened to his debut album, I didn’t know much about illusions, although I had surrounded by them for years.

Today, I am still coming to terms with the world’s harsh realities. Yet, my artistic drive is resilient and my precious illusions have not completely collapsed. Yet…

For this album, get an original white label Asylum LP or non-RE CD for best sound.

Saturate Before Using indeed.