This camera I find very interesting. I’ve been shooting with a Leica since 1979, but switched my SLRs to Canon in the ’90s when Leica discontinued their R line. I have continued to use the Leica M and Q models for my personal work.

The original Leica SL of 2016 was less than what I had hoped for, with only a 24 MP sensor and no image stabilization at the sensor level. That’s been addressed with the SL2: 47 MP and in-body stabilization. That means you can use the older R and M lenses with Leica’s adapters and have IS. Plus, over the past three years, Leica has released more than the two SL lenses that were initially available. It’s still expensive (all new Leica gear is), and the SL lens range remains limited, but the SL2 is much more competitive with what’s out there now.

(Photo: Leica AG)