Sometimes you get lucky.

An article gets magically downloaded to your left brain and everybody loves it. A photograph appears that is mesmerizing to your right brain, and you capture it with one of your cameras.

Humbleness is necessary when this happens. It’s a gift. Pure and simple. All you can do is give thanks and hope that it’s not the only one.

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. The frame before and after this are nothing special.

Here’s the latest from Otis (the Ranhofers):

Randy Wells – thank you for all that you have done for us and the Cayenne community. There are over 50 pages of posts in one Overland forum under ‘Where are the Porsche Cayenne Expo Builds’. A ‘Meet Otis’ post in another forum has had over 43,000 views. Parade has had their first off-road event, hope to see more. One PCA region last month had over 50 rigs participate in their off-road event. At 99,950 miles, Otis is still coloring outside those yellow & white lines. Otis has again entered the ALCAN 5000 rally which has Tuktoyaktuk on the route this February. Your Pano article continues to have an impact. Here is a photo from last weekends two day 800k off-road rally in BC. An entry from South Africa at last weekends rally mentioned your article. Thanks again! – Otis

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