Randy Wells


I wrote this to a talented professional automotive photographer struggling in today’s world:

“Don’t be bothered by some of the stuff you see happening from those trying to make a living as a car photographer today. For the most part, they either have financial backing or cannot see the effects of the low fees they accept for their work.”

“Understand that most will never achieve what we were lucky enough to experience in the past. What we did then (and still manage to do today when the client has a budget) is considered a glamour profession. And it can actually feel that way when you are shooting, being treated fairly, and see your work published.

The challenge now is that competition is ferocious, and it’s harder to make ends meet, even with all the office work we put in. The expense accounts, fees and royalties we received twenty years ago have all but dried up. Fortunately, if we work smart enough and keep up with the latest technology, there are still some clients who continue to treat and compensate us fairly for our unique talent and experience. Remember to have fun along the way and shoot your own projects, if only for your mental well-being.”