It’s interesting when you think about it. In the 1950s and before that, people saw the world with what artists called a “normal” perspective. It resembled a 50 mm focal length composition on a full-frame 35 mm format camera.

You see that perspective when you travel to European cities. The streets and buildings are narrow and complement that field of view.

However, when you look at U.S. streets or even music album art from the 1960s, it’s often portrayed using with either a narrower telephoto or a wider 35 mm frame. The Byrds first album cover was even shot with a fisheye lens. People were experimenting. Photographers were moving outside of the box.

Now, when you make a pic with your cell phone camera, you are invariably using a 28 mm point of view. Today, even distorted self portraits are deemed “normal”. Our perspective on the world is constantly changing.

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