No one knows for sure when Porsche’s 1995 3.8-liter air cooled motor was first transplanted into a pre-1974 early 911.

What we do know is that in late 1999 Jeff Gamroth of Rothsport Racing in Oregon started thinking about constructing a long hood 911 using the most powerful normally aspirated air-cooled flat six available from Porsche.

That meant using Porsche’s new 3.8L Type M64/20 motor from a 1995 or 1996 Euro 993 Carrera RS.

If he could pull this off, it would mean a retro-mod early 911 that was faster than the new-at-the-time 1999 GT3 996. We’re talking about 325 hp in a 2200 lb chassis.

Look for my words and pictures featuring this pioneering early 911 hot rod in the latest issue of PCA’s Panorama Magazine.

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