The Road is Calling. from TennXX on Vimeo.

90s R GRUPPE 911

One of the hottest threads on the Early 911S Registry forum was started by my buddy Gib Bosworth extolling the virtues of the Porsche 964. This interim 911 was produced from 1989 to 1994 between the traditional short hood Carrera and the more rounded (and longer geared) 993. It was significantly different from what had come before (better suspension and comfort, more powerful motor and A/C, etc), but was the last model to retain the prominant front fenders, headlamps, and classic shape of the 911. Many early 911 long hood fans own a 964 as well because it still feels nimble while providing a more sophisticated ride.

Recently a short video was posted offering a beautiful drone view of two white coupes, an early 911 and a 964, both rolling along the countryside of Thailand. With its nice production value, appropriate music and soft lighting, this film appeals to my sense of what it is like to experience these wonderful cars together. Well done!