Tracy Chapman broke the airwaves in April 1988 with this song and others on her self-titled album. Singles from the record, like “Fast Car” and “Baby Can I Hold You” are still relevant today. The CD, or better yet, the record or the elusive 12″ single discs, are audiophile grade music. Check it out. Continue reading “”


Jackson Browne sang it best on “The Only Child”, but “Living in Another World”, a song by the British band Talk Talk, is just as good. It was recorded for their sophomore album The Colour of Spring in March of 1986.

I think it’s one of the more appropriate tunes for these uncertain times. I’m losing feathers too. “Life is what you make it” ain’t bad either. Continue reading “”


Folks who follow my blog know I am into vinyl… I’ve been collecting 12″ LPs since The Beatles first performed in the USA. Today’s anniversary seems like a long time ago.

Sadly, a Banning, CA facility housing Apollo/Transco Lacquer Manufacturing burned down last week and is apparently a total loss. Fortunately, nobody was injured. However, this facility’s production of vinyl pellets is critical to record plants in the USA, and it’s sudden disappearance will greatly impact LP production in the future unless another source is found. Continue reading “”


Today, this blog celebrates its tenth year on the endless wire – pre-Instagram. Thanks to all for visiting this site and letting me share my life with you.

With an average of one new blog post every 5 days and an Instagram site now flourishing (@cars.randywells), it’s been an extremely satisfying last couple of years. It certainly helps me to keep writing!

Now, I just gotta keep up those New Year’s resolutions… Personally, I can’t wait for the 2020s.

(Photo: Motor Press Guild Best Film Award – March, 2019)
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It’s kind of hard to find today, but back in 1968 truth was (more) readily available.

That’s the year Jeff Beck laid waste to what had come before with his blues-rock album Truth. His band was an evolution of the Yardbirds and a foreshadowing of Faces. With Ron Wood on bass, vocals by Rod Stewart, and Beck’s electrifying guitar, this is the seminal electric blues, modified R&B, and psychedelically influenced rock and heavy-metal album. Continue reading “”


My favorite Van Morrison album was released 33 years ago. Recorded in part at The Record Plant in Sausalito, CA, it’s a magnificent record with David Hayes laying out on bass on “Foreign Window”. The lyrics can come off as obscure to most, but they’re transcendent to me. Check it out. Continue reading “”


On this day in 1941 – Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman) was born. Dylan went on to release over 40 albums and was a major influence on The Beatles and so many others.

His impact on popular music is incalculable. His hits included the 1965 single ‘Like A Rolling Stone’, probably the ultimate single ever released. He won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature and twelve Grammy Awards. Here he is with George Harrison and the Traveling Wilburys playing one of my favorite songs. Continue reading “”