Chris Harris and Drive have just released a great video documenting Rob Dickinson’s Singer 911. It’s wonderful to see someone who has the vision and budget to produce a “bespoke” custom Porsche that has no compromises. Of course Rothsport’s slide valve injection might be even cooler, but this car is seriously “horny” as Chris says. Continue reading “”


Whenever the sun disappears for two months at a time, when the rain comes down in buckets or the temperature drops below freezing, my mind drifts back to nicer days. Last summer in the Pacific Northwest saw plenty of those, and some great track days!

Here’s a short video of one perfect day. A retro-mod Porsche 911, a GoPro camera, and a brand new set of 225-50/16 Dunlop street tires. To paraphrase Kilgore/Milius: “I love the smell of burning rubber in the morning. It smells like… Victory.” Continue reading “”


When it comes to pilgrims (in the John Wayne sense), they don’t come much more down to earth than the passionate members of that early Porsche 911 hot rod club named R Gruppe.

The club’s foundations trace back to 1998 when Freeman Thomas of So Cal (modified Tangerine 1969 911E) called Cris Huergas of Nor Cal (modified Light Ivory 1969 911S). Huergas’ 911 had just been published in Excellence Magazine (#76 April ’98), and Thomas was inspired to contact him. Continue reading “”


Last week a new gallery went up on my main photo website Images of America. This gallery features my newly developed automotive fine art. Forty images are up and fifty more are being created for specific markets. It’s been a four month journey crafting a post-processing technique that has lent an expressionist painterly quality to my images, prints and murals. Continue reading “”


Billed as “the world’s most versatile camera”, GoPro’s new HERO3 Black Edition is at the top of many photographer/videographer’s Holiday shopping lists. I’m getting one for Christmas!

According to GoPro, the HERO3 Black Edition captures professional cinema-quality video at 2X the resolution, frame-rate and low light performance of previous models. It’s also 25% lighter and 30% smaller. Photos and video are reportedly improved 3X overall. Continue reading “”


Honest, I did not come up with the title for this article! Still, I’m very honored that Excellence featured my 1972 Porsche 911T/ST in their latest issue (#205).

In addition to the magazine, you can read more about Jeff Barstow’s top class win and our great adventure together in SLC on an earlier blog post.

Fast runs at 2012 PCA Parade, mine first then Jeff’s:

Continue reading “”


The latest issue of Excellence Magazine (204) carries a story of mine on the 1965 Lucky Lager 911 and the early racing career of driver Bruce O’Neil.

Bruce is certainly “The Lucky American” when it comes to racing the early 911 in Europe in 1967. His was a unique experience that would be very hard (if impossible) to repeat. Racing has changed so much. Continue reading “”


Excellence Magazine just published my article and photos on this outlandish Porsche 911. It’s one of 28 US delivered Club Sport 911s that was turned into a Porsche Club of America spec race car.

To many it might seem illogical to take a limited edition 1988 Carrera Club Sport in Dark Blue, one of only four made, and modify it for racing. But is it really that sacrilegious? Doesn’t ‘Club Sport’ suggest sports purpose club competition? Wasn’t the Porsche name originally built on its motorsports heritage? Isn’t the 911 the most popular car to use for PCA racing? Perhaps all that’s needed is to read the full story for it to make some sense. Continue reading “”


Just back from a road trip that will generate more photo stories for me in less time than any other. I traveled from Seattle to Salt Lake City and back again in my modified 1972 911 T/ST, about half of it on back roads.

The Porsche Club of America held its annual Porsche Parade event in SLC – a land of religious freedom and ultimate land speeds (some of it in in record-breaking heat). 110 degrees Fahrenheit is fine if you are sitting in your air-conditioned car. Unfortunately, I did not have that luxury. And neither did Jeff Barstow, my co-driver, when it came to laying down some fast runs at PCA national level autocross competition. Continue reading “”