The following photographic advice is often recommended: “Never shoot at noon on a sunny day.”

You actually can do this.

However, here’s a tip. It’s easier to do if it’s late fall, winter, or early spring. And you need to aim the camera up. Include that beautiful blue sky in your image.


The Porsche 916 is a rare beast. Only a dozen were built in the early ’70s. Based on a 914-6, a test mule for the 916 (pictured above) was recently featured in PCA’s Panorama Magazine using Peter Linsky’s article and my photos made in Florida earlier this year. Here’s a part of my sidebar that explains this car and the 916: Continue reading “”


This one’s pretty easy, right: “Never shoot a car in a parking lot.”

You actually can break this rule and get away with it – sometimes.

Until then, keep fake’n it ’till you make it, right? Not really.

To really make it, from my perspective, you need to think outside the box and create something new (without Photoshop). Don’t copy. Find your own voice.

(Photo: Shot with a Leica M and 90mm lens)


The Porsche Club of America’s Pacific Northwest Region publishes a monthly magazine called The Spiel.

The November 2021 cover story features R Gruppe, a much smaller club that I have also been a member of since its beginnings in 2000. Thank you to editor Doug Andreassen and crew for the cover photograph and the chance to write a foreword for the article. And Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Once again, photography rules are meant to broken, again and again.

It can be a part of your practice. That’s how you get to Carnegie Hall…

This rule is a bit more commonly encountered in photography: “Never shoot with trees sticking out of your subject.”

However, in automotive photography, there’s a difference between just having a car look like a planter and having your rule-breaking photo published as an opening spread in a 100K reader magazine!


In case you hadn’t noticed, Xmas now starts November 1st with sales being announced for early gift buying, due in part to shipping delays (from Santa Claus no less).

Just in time for the holidays is the new Leica Q2 “Reporter” model, which could be sold out to collectors before it becomes available Dec. 9. This limited edition camera with 28 f1.7 Leica lens is fantastic and is cloaked in green paint and kevlar (in case buyers actually want to use it).

Seriously… What I want and what I need are often two different things. For this, I could make an exception!

Enjoy some time off during the holidays!


When I respond, “Wow”, it is for one of two reasons. It either means, “I’m really impressed”, or it means, “I am utterly at a loss for words”.

When I say, “that’s hilarious”, it only means one thing: “Are you kidding?”

Most of the time I don’t talk and just listen.

Most importantly, I never call myself a “master photographer”.

7 Tips For Starting out as a “Professional” Photographer


In the last five years new vinyl LP sales in the USA have doubled to over 30 million units sold per year. That’s more than new CD sales today, and these numbers don’t include used record purchases.

Prior to 2016, the sales numbers for new vinyl was increasing but not anywhere this rate. Only problem is, most everything currently released on LP is on backorder. This is primarily due to increased demand and decreased supply (due in no small part to the small number of pressing plants and the lack of vinyl pellets). See this for more:

Analog Planet article

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Thanks to editor Peter Bodensteiner and the team for including my work in their 356 magazine this month. My inside feature with words and pictures profiles Steve Terrien’s 1961 356 Sunroof Carrera GS tells the story of his ownership of the car for almost 40 years. Check it out.

Porsche 356 Registry Magazine