IT’S WHAT I DO An automotive photographer recently confided in me that he was having trouble with his car-to-car shots. I told him the same photo tips I will tell you. Great photos are made when the photographer is in the zone, has something to say about their subject, and puts all their attention on … Continue reading “”

AN APPROACH TO AUTOMOTIVE PHOTOGRAPHY Number four in my series of RANDY’S PHOTO TIPS a.k.a. his creative photographic process: When approaching automotive photography, one of the first challenges is the belief that you can fix everything in post-processing. Unfortunately (or fortunately), a car’s complex bodywork and glossy paint reflects everything, especially on dark colored vehicles. … Continue reading “”

PART I. RANDY’S PHOTO TIPS – THE FIFTH ELEMENT IN PHOTOGRAPHY Over the next three months, I’ll be posting once a month about creativity and photography. Here’s the first installment: There are many ways to look at photography. Like music, one can see it as an expressive art form that captures an always-changing continuum. If … Continue reading “”

ON BEING AN ARTIST TODAY – Randy’s Photo Tips Sometimes I forget how hard it must be for young photographers and artists who face the challenges of today’s modern world. I was recently compelled to post a comment on a blog buddy’s website. I saw a comment that gave advice on this stuff that seemed … Continue reading “”

AN OBSERVATION “We live in a world that values easy solutions to complex problems. And buying [photographic] gear on specifications is such a solution. Further, instant pop culture has destroyed the ability of most people to appreciate nuance, delicacy and detail, values which require dedication and emotional commitment, and which are only revealed over time.”

PART II. 15 TIPS FOR THE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHER This is my second article in the creativity and photographic process series from 2012: Many of these tips I credit to other photographers and authors, especially Ernst Haas, Sam Abell, and Deanne Delbridge. 1. Work with the minimum amount of equipment and be totally familiar with it. … Continue reading “”