Chris Harris and Drive have just released a great video documenting Rob Dickinson’s Singer 911. It’s wonderful to see someone who has the vision and budget to produce a “bespoke” custom Porsche that has no compromises. Of course Rothsport’s slide valve injection might be even cooler, but this car is seriously “horny” as Chris says. Continue reading “”


Whenever the sun disappears for two months at a time, when the rain comes down in buckets or the temperature drops below freezing, my mind drifts back to nicer days. Last summer in the Pacific Northwest saw plenty of those, and some great track days!

Here’s a short video of one perfect day. A retro-mod Porsche 911, a GoPro camera, and a brand new set of 225-50/16 Dunlop street tires. To paraphrase Kilgore/Milius: “I love the smell of burning rubber in the morning. It smells like… Victory.” Continue reading “”


Photo tips for the day.

Here are some links for those just coming out of photography/art/film school, or anyone else trying to determine their “day” rate in today’s competitive environment. Success is what you give yourself, so your long range view of business and art will be vital to getting you to where you want to be.

Practice your craft relentlessly. Find your own voice. Be the absolute best you can be. Know your capabilities and embrace them. Filter criticism. Find those clients who will compensate you appropriately for the work you are driven to create. And always remember: If you don’t think you are worth it, nobody else will. Continue reading “”


Released in the Fall of 1962, an action thriller called Dr. No was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. The film starred a suave British secret agent with codename 007 and a license to kill: “Bond, James Bond.” Moviegoers were also introduced to the Ian Fleming book characters “M”, “Q” and “Miss Moneypenny”.

The debut Bond movie featured the iconic Sean Connery, as well as one of the agent’s top villains, the overachieving “Dr. No”, a brilliant power hungry madman. Of course, both were upstaged by bikini clad Ursula Andress as “Honey Ryder”. Continue reading “”


Billed as “the world’s most versatile camera”, GoPro’s new HERO3 Black Edition is at the top of many photographer/videographer’s Holiday shopping lists. I’m getting one for Christmas!

According to GoPro, the HERO3 Black Edition captures professional cinema-quality video at 2X the resolution, frame-rate and low light performance of previous models. It’s also 25% lighter and 30% smaller. Photos and video are reportedly improved 3X overall. Continue reading “”


Honest, I did not come up with the title for this article! Still, I’m very honored that Excellence featured my 1972 Porsche 911T/ST in their latest issue (#205).

In addition to the magazine, you can read more about Jeff Barstow’s top class win and our great adventure together in SLC on an earlier blog post.

Fast runs at 2012 PCA Parade, mine first then Jeff’s:

Continue reading “”


We are now ten years beyond the unthinkable, the World Trade Center attack, thirty years past another example of a world gone wrong – the murder of John Lennon, nearly fifty years on from the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and seventy years after the one that first jolted the U.S. out of its reality, the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The world is certainly a different place today because of those events. Hopefully it will be much, much longer before we encounter another act of senseless violence.

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Vacation. From the Latin word vacatio, meaning freedom or exemption. A restful respite. A period of exemption from the world. A soulfully fulfilling experience of freedom.

An island in Washington state’s South Puget Sound holds a recluse that my wife and I can escape to for a couple of days every month. Once or twice a year we spend two or more weeks at a time there. Continue reading “”


Check out the link below for a review by Michael Fremer on the new Analogue Productions release of the seminal The Doors first album.

Mastered by Doug Sax on 45 RPM 12″ LP and SACD from analog tape, and overseen by original recording engineer Bruce Botnik, this reissue is a killer diller. The only thing that might be better would be Sax cutting it from the master tape, but that’s apparently unusable. Yes, the original Elektra gold label LP with no RE in the dead wax pressed at Monarch is a little more “alive” since it was cut from the original master, but this one will still light your fire. Continue reading “”