Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard is currently filming “Rush”. His movie will portray the dramatic Formula 1 motor racing duel between the intense Austrian Niki Lauda and playboy British driver James Hunt. Based on the turbulent 1976 Driver’s Championship, it chronicles Lauda’s heroic comeback from a near fatal crash earlier in the year and the critical season finale win by Hunt in torrential rain at Fuji. Chris Hemsworth stars as Hunt and Daniel Bruhl is Lauda. The film is expected to premiere in 2013. Continue reading “”



I recently attended a Porsche dealer’s launch of the new “911”.It was a sunny day and I thought what the heck – I’ll drive my 1972 911 T/ST there since they were showing examples of the six previous generations of Porsche’s venerable rear-engined “sports car” (there are actually seven including the SWB ’64-68, but who’s counting.)

No doubt about it, the 991 is a beautiful car. Faster than the 997, and significantly bigger. The rear seats are roomier, and interior noise level is at an all-time low… Want to know who were the folks showing theleat interest in the 991 and the most interest in my comparatively tiny 1972 911? The dealership’s mechanics. They wanted one just like it. Continue reading “”



Word is that Neil’s “back on the horse” and currently completing a new “concept” abum with Billy Talbot, Ralph Molina, and Frank “Poncho” Sampedro.

Here’s a link to the video of “Horse Back.” It’s a jam session with “Cortez the Killer” as an ending – recorded by John Hanlon, all 36 minutes of it. That’s longer than Neil’s entire first solo album! The behind-the-scenes video of the equipment that goes into making a “Crazy Horse” record was shot by Ben Johnson. Continue reading “”


Hey All & Happy New Year!

I just finished hanging a 13 print exhibit at Glazer’s Camera Rental Studio in Seattle. On view are images from my book project, Steinbeck’s America: In Search of Travels with Charley Fifty Years Later.

Accompanying the color photographs are quotes by John Steinbeck from his book, Travels with Charley. My short film on the project and an e-book sample will be on view at a closing reception:

When: Monday, February 6th from 7-9pm

Where: 517 Dexter Ave North, Seattle, WA 98109

Please see my Outdoor Photographer Magazine article:

50 Years After Travels with Charley

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Patrick Long racing at Chuckwalla in vintage Porsche 2.5L 911ST spec race car from Chad P. on Vimeo.


Think you can drive a 911? Well, check out this video.

Chad Plavan is no stranger to the early 911 faithful, and Patrick Long loves to drive Chad’s car. It’s a beautiful blue ’69 ST bodied 2.5L spec racer.

I saw this 911 at Rennsport Reunion IV recently and it’s simply awesome. Patrick is probably the best young Porsche factory race car driver around. Incredible combo. Continue reading “”



Wow, what a week..

This past week held some of the high points of my life. There were a couple of low points to be sure, but I can’t begin to tell you about it all (because I really can’t tell you..).

It started with Porsche’s Rennsport Reunion IV at Laguna Seca. I had a photography booth in the vendor area that I shared with early 911 parts guru Eric Linden. Thanks, Eric, for being so accommodating while I ran around taking photos like a crazy man. I shot a very cool cover story for Excellence magazine on Saturday morning that I will tell you about later. Continue reading “”

STEVE JOBS 1955-2011

I’ve only known two true visionaries who lived during the 20th Century. One was my mentor, photographer Ernst Haas (1921-1986). The other was Steve Jobs of Apple. Both were creative geniuses, both died too young.

It’s one thing to say, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” It’s another to actually prove it worldwide several times over.



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Happy 4th of July!

Porsche has just announced its return to top-tier motor racing. It will debut a works-run LMP1 sports prototype at the 2014 Le Mans 24 hour event. With 16 overall victories, Porsche is the most successful manufacturer at the world’s most famous endurance auto race. The marque’s last overall Le Mans win was in 1998 with the Porsche 911 GT1. From 2006 to 2009 the factory backed the Penske Racing team, which raced the RS Spyder (an LMP2 prototype) with great success in the U.S. The RS Spyder also took class honours at France’s Le Mans in 2008 and 2009, as well as outright victory at the 2008 12 Hours of Sebring. Continue reading “”

The Road is Calling. from TennXX on Vimeo.

90s R GRUPPE 911

One of the hottest threads on the Early 911S Registry forum was started by my buddy Gib Bosworth extolling the virtues of the Porsche 964. This interim 911 was produced from 1989 to 1994 between the traditional short hood Carrera and the more rounded (and longer geared) 993. It was significantly different from what had come before (better suspension and comfort, more powerful motor and A/C, etc), but was the last model to retain the prominant front fenders, headlamps, and classic shape of the 911. Many early 911 long hood fans own a 964 as well because it still feels nimble while providing a more sophisticated ride. Continue reading “”


So were the early 1970’s really cooler than today?
Watch this vintage video, then you decide.

Targa Florio is a Documentary TV Movie on the 1973 race made in Italy in 2005. Director: Cuiri Amelio Ortiz. Cast: Francesco Arezzo, Antonio Catanzaro, Vic Elford, Mauro Forghieri, Giacinto Gargano, Ciccio Liberto, Sandro Munari, Silvana Paladino, Salvatore Requirez, Pao… Continue reading “”