Image of a Red 1958 Porsche 356 Carrera Speedster GT in Solvang, California by Randy Wells


A sincere thank you to the company and website Copilot for awarding me with this honor. I came across it recently and am thrilled to be included. Thank you Copilot!

Best automotive photographers in Seattle


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Yes, I launched my DJI Phantom 4 V.2 drone from a moving camera boat and landed it on the same boat at a different location. Six times.

“Let’s get real. Serious fishermen like Tom Aliotti, owner of Aliotti Enterprises, know it’s not just about catching fish.

It’s about killer power and performance combining for that epic showdown on the water.

So get ready, because Tom’s ‘Killer’ salmon slayer powered by MSHS and FPT Industrial is coming to Bristol Bay, Alaska!”

-Justin Roeser of Roeser Engineering and Motor Services Hugo Stamp

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Yes, this is what I look like today. I’m still intense and confident.

The harder the assignment is, the more intense and confident I become. That’s based on my decades of preparation with previous gigs involving serious research, risk, and preparation. Otherwise, I’d be scared to death (like most photographers should be today when faced with something they’ve never done before). Continue reading “”


The NORRA Mexican 1000 for 2018 resulted in my producing a film called “Icarus” for Rothsport Racing and Cameron Healy. It won “Best Feature Video” from the Motor Press Guild.

Best of luck to Rothsport Racing, Jeff Gamroth and Barrett Smith in this year’s event starting next week!



Along with Bill Evans and Miles Davis, he’s my favorite jazz player. Imagine these three playing together: sax, piano and trumpet. Maybe Paul Chambers on bass and Billy Cobb on drums…

The Notes from a Jazz Survivor documentary film about Art Pepper is not for the those who don’t want to know about the trials and tribulations all three men went through. The Blues for the Fisherman album is an Art Pepper live masterwork that few know about. If you like West Coast Jazz, check them out.

(Photographer: Unknown)

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Thank you MPG!

It’s an honor to receive this prestigious award from the Motor Press Guild for excellence in automotive journalism.

My wife, Andrea, is really the one who deserves this trophy for her constant support and social media expertise.

See the Instagram page that won at cars.randywells

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Fuel injected cars can get by on today’s fuel, but classic cars using carburetors get gummed up by all the additives. Carbs need to be rebuilt periodically if not treated carefully. Just ask Rolly!

Porsche is now making sure we have gas for our carbureted cars. The famous German car manufacturer has begun procurement of a synthetic fuel specifically designed for 356s and SWB 911s!

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As a full-time pro for 30 years, the gear I take on assignment depends on what is needed. Contrary to what it might look like, I prefer to work with the minimum amount of equipment.
Being familiar with the gear is most important to me. To that end, I’ve always carried some form of Canon or Leica in my kit. With their cameras and lenses, I don’t have to think. I just do. When Leica discontinued their 35mm SLR “R” system, I switched to autofocus Canon EOS 35mm full-frame SLRs.

Around the same time, I also switched from Kodachrome 25 to Fujichrome Velvia 50 slide film. When digital camera image quality evolved to a more than satisfactory level, I transitioned to Canon’s digital camera bodies and their latest lenses for my editorial and commercial work. I’ve stayed with Canon’s latest offerings since, along with Leica’s Q and M cameras and lenses.

For flash, the Profoto B1X portable lighting system has proven ideal for moving subjects both outdoors and indoors. A pair of these are always added to my kit and used as needed. Apple’s latest Macbook Pro and iMac, with Lacie external hard drives, remain essential on the road.

Photography equipment is simply a tool. Seeing and having something to say are MUCH more important. That said, I look for gear that is of the highest quality, easy to use, and has characterful rendering.

Note: The following list is constantly being updated.


I. MAIN KIT Carry On #1 – VIDEO/STILLS (Randy – DP):

Canon EOS R5 Full-frame 8K Cinema EOS System Camera X 2

Canon 5D Mk IV Full-frame 4K EOS System Camera

Canon EOS EF 35mm f/2 IS lens

Canon EOS EF 50mm f/1.4 lens

Canon EOS EF 16-35mm f/4 L IS lens

Canon EOS EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L II lens

Canon Control Ring Mount Adapters – EF to R

Variable ND and Polarizing filters

Canon Tele-Extender EOS EF 1.4X III and 12mm extension tube

Canon 250D close-up lens

Rode on-camera microphones – stereo and shotgun types

Additional lenses as needed 
Spare batteries and cards
Remote releases, sensor cleaning kit, chamois, small reflector, plastic covers for everything

II. MAIN KIT Carry On #2 (Assistant):

Canon EOS 1DX camera with two spare batteries and part of #1 kit above


#1. MAIN KIT #1 in Rolling Pelican Case

#2. DP Carry On Back Pack – Backpack or Small Filson Dry Bag:

Mac Book Pro and external hard drives, Spare LiOn batteries for flash and drone, headphones, music, sunscreen, eye drops, passport, cellphone, wallet, money, papers, snacks, water bottle, change of clothes, and small dopp kit, Leica Q with 28mm f/1.7 lens.

#3. MAIN KIT #2 in Rolling Pelican Case

#4. Asst.Carry On Backpack: 
Canon 5D Mk III camera and Canon EOS 24-105 f/4 EF-L IS lens, Zacuto Z-finder, Rode on-camera microphone, Go Pro camera, knee pads, passports, money, another backed-up external hard drive
, cellphone, wallets, snacks, water bottle, 
change of clothes and dopp kit.

#5. Checked Bag – Large Rolling Pelican Case:

DJI RSC-2 stabilizers, video monitors, headphones

Monfrotto and Bogen fluid heads, Rhino slider, 
Tascam 4-channel recorder, Headphones
Gitzo 320 tripod w/ Micro-D ball head, C Stand

#6. Checked Bag – Large Rolling Pelican Case or Samsonite Oyster
Profoto B1X kit (X2) with Pocket Wizards, Soft box, reflectors, Bogen Super Clamp

#7. Checked Bag – Medium Rolling Pelican Case:

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Version 2.0 + drone, controller, goggles, ND filters, spare batteries, and chargers, chamois, Go Pro camera and accessories


#8 Checked Bag – Back Up Kit (2nd Assistant)
Everything from the main kit not in #1 or #2 Case – plus Profoto B1 (#2), Pocket Wizards, flash adaptor rings, Canon 24mm f/1.4 EF-L II lens and 500mm f/4 EF-L IS lens, walkie talkies, extension cord, external hard drive, Tenba or backpack shoot bag, more clothes, including rain jacket and pants

#9. Checked Bag – Large Rolling Pelican Case:
Canon EOS 5D MK II camera with 17-35mm f/2.8 EF lens (my disposable camera mount DSLR, easy to use for stills and video files), Gitzo 226 tripod w/ Leica ball head and small fluid head with Super Clamp and flash stud, Wescott Ice light and charger, extra flash tube. More GoPro kits and mounts, right angle finder, bean bag, extension tube, ND Filters, mMore storage cards and batteries, gaffer tape

#10. Checked Bag – Rolling Cooler:
Bogen fluid head, GoPros w/ bac pac batteries and viewer backs plus mounts (2-7 units), Leitz table tripod, Super Clamps, and Leitz all head, Filson Dry Duffel Bag

#11. Checked Bag – Super Large Rolling Pelican Case (Optional):
Complete video rig (see additional below), Canon 15mm f/2.8 EF lens, shoulder mount, Marshall monitor with sun shield, Rode Blimp with Sennheiser shotgun microphone, etc.


Stills: As needed. All of the above, plus another assistant or two.

Godox 600 portable lighting kit, Mathews suction cups and Manfrotto Super Clamp 
More: Marshall monitor, cables, Soft boxes for ProFoto, A/C Flash, Tungsten Lighting: Lowell Tota-light kit 
Daylight Lighting: LED lights, Westcott 150W Ice Light
Portable Studio: Overhead Silk, Backdrops and free-standing support stands, Manfrotto Avenger C stands, Super Clamps, sand bags, ladder, camera car, harness, broom, leaf blower, smoke machine, and air purifier. 

More for Production Video:

Canon C300 camera, Gitzo 404 or 504 tripod and large Bogen fluid head, KenLab Gyrostabilizer, DJI Ronin, Roxant Pro camera stabilizer for GoPro, Wimberly head, Canon 600EX-RT flash units, Interfit battery, Leica SF20 flash, More Zacuto eyepieces, Marshall monitors and hoods, Hasselblad Pro lens shades, filter adapters, Leitz table tripod with ball head, dolly roller, handgrip, roller table, light meter. 


As needed, All of the above, plus two or more strong assistants:

More Gear for Stills (All Rented):
Medium format digital cameras and lenses (various), 
More portable ARRI and AC flash systems, 
More light stands, soft boxes, umbrellas and grids. Budget!

More Gear for Video (All Rented):
Canon C Video Cameras. Steady Cam and operator, Arri Mini, Alexa and/or Red Epic with Leica lens adapters, 
Bron Kobold or Joker Bug HMI, Marshall monitors, audio rigs, Various handgrips, rigs, sticks, sliders, rollers & dollies, more drones with operator, Chase Car 

Analog: Leica M system, Leica SL/R system, Nikon F system, Nikons V and 28mm f/2.8, Canon EOS, Hasselblad V system.
More lenses for video (larger production with several assistants):

Leica R Lens Kit – adapted to Canon EF and RF:
Leica 28mm f/2.8 II – R lens (one of the best R lenses made)
Leica 35 f/2 – II R lens (lovely depth of field)
Leica 50mm f/2 – II R lens (sharp, great contrast)
Leica 60mm f/2.8 Macro lens (3-D, lifelike)
Leica 80mm f/1.4 – R lens (one of the best rendering lenses ever)
Leica 180mm f/3.4 APO-R lens (still competitive, especially wide open)
Leica R-Extension tube
Leica R 2X APO Extender (makes the 180 into an excellent 360mm APO)

Nikon lenses – adapted to Canon EF and RF:
Nikkor UD 20mm f/3.5 AI
Nikkor 28mm f/2 AI
Nikkor 55mm f/1.2 AI
Nikon 55mm f/2.8 Macro AIS
Nikkor 105 f/2.5 Type 6 AI

P.S. My kit for vacationing and personal work is a digital Leica camera, usually the Q with its 28mm f/1.7 or an M digital rangefinder with a 50mm lens. This is for pure seeing, shooting slowly and deliberately. A small flash and Leica M-mount lenses of 18mm, 35mm, 90mm, 135mm and 400mm focal length are used as needed.

Note that there is back up redundancy throughout. After the shoot, the written-on digital cards stay in a secure holder inside a zippered vest pocket on my person. As soon as I return to my hotel, the RAW files are backed up on my computer, Dropbox, and at least one hard drive. All drives are kept in different locations, or one is FedExed home. I love what I do, but I’ve also learned not to assume anything.

Note that there is back up redundancy throughout. After the shoot, the written-on digital cards stay in a secure holder inside a zippered vest pocket on my person. As soon as I return to my hotel, the RAW files are backed up on my computer, Dropbox, and at least one hard drive. All drives are kept in different locations, or one is FedExed home. I love what I do, but I’ve also learned not to assume anything.